Our mission

To build the world's best product recommendation engine

Our Story

Tyviso began in 2021 on a Saturday night. Specifically, right after a tsunami of insert leaflets fell on the floor upon opening a case of wine.

The ads in question were somewhat relevant, but Pinot Grigio was the real winner of our attention.

But what if these ads could be more targeted and served at a better time when you are buying the wine instead of drinking it we thought.

Hazily headed the next morning, Tyviso was born.

After a 10 year spell at advertising behemoth Yahoo! working with some of the world's biggest advertisers we knew first hand that very little is in the favour of the eCommerce store. The cost of digital advertising is getting increasingly more expensive, less trackable and even more difficult to be consistent at scale.

We also knew we had to change the game to the side of the brand, rather than the publisher.

In times of uncertain market factors, there’s, even more, a need for brands to stick together. By creating a platform to facilitate working together, brands can pay it forward and grow in unison.

After presenting the idea of a solution that checked all these boxes and asking whether retailers would use it, we find ourselves where we are today.

Our values

A mission is one thing, our values are critical to how we operate internally and externally, particularly within a community context

Collaborate, don't compete
Problems are constructive challenges
Feedback is a gift
Give everyone a voice
We grow together

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Our management team


Pierre Cozzani

Founder & CEO

Adrian Vella

Co-founder & COO

Alin Inayeh

Co-founder & CTO
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