Frequently asked questions

How do I redeem my voucher?

To redeem your special offer, first click on the “Claim now” button. This will directly lead you to the website of the online store. A field for entering the voucher code will appear during the ordering process (usually in the shopping cart). We recommend that you copy the code in order to avoid errors during input. Some vouchers will be automatically deducted from the shopping cart total after clicking the link.

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Problems with redemption

  1. Did you correctly enter the voucher code?
  2. Have the redemption conditions of the voucher (e.g. minimum order value) been met?
  3. Please contact us if the redemption still does not work in spite of this. We will be happy to check the problem in detail and make sure you can use the voucher as soon as possible.
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Field for entering the code not found

The voucher code is usually entered directly from within the shopping cart. The appropriate field is usually found beneath the order total. It can have different names and does not necessarily have to be called a “voucher code”. The wording “promotion code” or “discount code” may be used here. For some online stores you must first register or log into your customer account and go through the ordering process until the final step. The field in which you enter the code appears just before you send your order.

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Is redemption possible after already placing an order?

Redeeming the vouchers we provide always needs a new order. Usually you cannot credit the voucher against an order you have already placed.

Should you have problems with the redemption process, please contact the store where you ordered. We act as the intermediary and so we cannot do the subsequent redemption for you, as we do not have access to your customer account with the store for data protection reasons.

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Problem claiming your offer?Contact us here