Frequently asked questions

What does Tyviso do?

We drive new customers to your website after they've bought something from another partner in our community.

What kind of ROI can I expect?

We guarantee over a 600% return. Seriously, tell your boss.

How am I charged for new customers?

If you sell a subscription, we decide on a flat fee together. If not, we charge a small % fee of the basket value.

What is the definition of a new customer?

A new customer is an incremental sale we have driven you, referred from another community member.

Are there any additional charges after a customer acquisition?

Nope! Once we've delivered you a new user it's over to you to nurture them and turn them into a repeat customer. We're nice like that.

Are there any monthly or setup fees?

No, we'd rather want you spent that money on your office Christmas party.

How am I billed?

We send an invoice at the end of the month and a list of sales generated so you can double-check everything.

How do you decide the order of ads on your offer page?

We use machine learning and a number of optimisation levers (thanks Robots!) - every user has a completely different experience. The more relevant your store for that user, the higher your ranking will be.

We dont use an ecommerce platform listed on your site.

No problem, we probably couldn't just find their logo. We've got you covered.

Is the Tyviso brand safe?

Absolutely, all ads are shown within the Tyviso engine. Surrounding content is purely just other partners.

Do you collect any personal identifyable information (PII)?

No, we are completely clean from a GDPR perspective. Nobody wants beef with the regulator.

Do I need a developer to implement your code?

In most cases, our code can be pasted into an existing box on your ecommerce platform. For everything else we can help for free. See our setup guides

Is it possible to sell our goods on others' 'Thank You' page without then offering sales on ours?

No, all community members must have the widget. This widget is fully customisable in terms of call to action and physical appearance to make sure you love it.

Am I stuck in a long legal contract?

All we ask is a month notice should you wish to leave our community, no questions asked.

Is your best practice content free?

Yes - sharing is caring!

Can I show against my competitors?

No, we have clever automatic measures in place to make sure this doesn't happen.

Are ads from other partners shown directly on my site?

No, a user goes from a partner website to our engine hosted by us. Then, they are shown all of our communities offers.


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