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Step 1

Login to Tyviso Rewards.

Get a login from your Tyviso Rep.

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Step 2

Customise Your Look

Select from a variety of templates and add your own individual touches.

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Step 3

Choose your partners

Pick from a library of leading advertisers who you want to work with

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Step 4

Place Your Script

Create an empty page on your site or mobile app. Copy and Paste. Go Live.

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The Tyviso team have been great! Set up was really straight forward, any questions that we had were answered quickly and feedback on the design of the widget was actioned straight away. Nothing was too much trouble!

Jessie Cox - Digital Marketing ManagerForthglade
Tyviso Studio

See examples of reward pages from brands by selecting the brand logos.

Watch the demo

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a developer?

Give him the day off. You can copy and paste our script straight on to your page or app, or use a tag manager.

How long does it take to setup?

Less than the time it takes to make a cup of tea

Will your Reward Portal slow my whole site?

No. Our banner only loads on one page of your site/App. It's also super light at less than 1kb big

Do you collect any PII?

No, that would be a headache for both your legal department and ours 😀

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