Plusnet perks up its rewards offering with Tyviso

Plusnet Broadband

Plusnet is one of the UK’s largest and most popular broadband providers

Its focus on simple, budget-friendly packages has led to numerous awards and high ratings over the years.

The BT Group-owned brand chose Tyviso to replace its existing rewards portal in May 2023.


Broadband is a fiercely competitive space, and with this in mind, uplift in brand loyalty was chosen as the key KPIs, specifically:

  1. Likeliness to complete an upgrade
  2. Time & frequency on site
  3. Overall reduction in churn


Plusnet used Tyviso’s Rewards platform to select from a selection of high-performing existing partners and secure exclusive offers with the help of the Tyviso team.

Displaying 12 separate offers in one grid, Plusnet picked offers best suited to their audience demographics and interests.

The rewards page was designed and blended to be synonymous with the look and feel of the Plusnet site and tone.


Over five months, the results were unprecedented. Customers that visited the new My Perks page were:

  • 90% more likely to complete an upgrade
  • 209% more likely to update their marketing preferences
  • 46% more likely to update their account details
  • 33% more likely to return to the website
  • Spent 33% more time on site than non-My Perks visitors
  • Spent 39% longer on the page compared to the old perks page

And most critically:

  • They were 5% less likely to churn than those who didn’t visit My Perks.

Alongside the above, Plusnet also enjoyed a new revenue stream from the commission partners paid from new customers on their site.

Amy Metcalfe Digital Trading Manager Plusnet

"Working with Tyviso and Awin to launch our new Plusnet Perks platform has really moved the dial on how stakeholders see the channel overall. Mutual dedication, attention to detail and excellent relationship building have all ensured we keep the customer at the heart of everything. It’s an exciting time in Brand Partnerships, and we cannot wait to see where we will go next!"

Amy Metcalfe, Digital Trading Manager, Plusnet

Adrian Vella, CEO, Tyviso

"Plusnet has bolstered its promise to customers with its new rewards offering — broadband with enormous benefits and high customer value. Clearly, their customers appreciate it, too! The results of this initiative have been staggering and are excellent proof of what great brand partnerships and execution can have on brand loyalty and, ultimately, revenue."

Adrian Vella, CEO, Tyviso

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