Wild finds the perfect recipe with SimplyCook & Tyviso.

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Wild has become the UK's #1 sustainable deodorant brand within two years of takeoff.

Benefitting from having an ex-HelloFresh founder on the team, Wild are no stranger to partnerships; it’s a critical growth tool for the Berlin-based dining behemoth.

With this in mind, Wild chose Tyviso to help begin its brand partnership journey.


At its core, Wild had three main reasons to promote other brands on its site:

  1. To provide extra value to new and existing customers
  2. To increase their basket completion rate
  3. To unlock a new stream of 100% profit revenue


Wild used Tyviso’s, ‘Gift With Purchase’ (GWP) product to filter through a readily available and extensive library of brands to partner with.

At the end of their search, Wild selected SimplyCook as one of their initial partners.

As part of the partnership, SimplyCook provided a gift of a free trial box, available to any Wild customer buying their deodorant.

SimplyCook paid a CPA every time a Wild customer was referred to the brand.


In the first month, Wild drove almost 500 acquisitions for SimplyCook at a conversion rate of 26.08%.

In return Wild generated five figures worth of commission at a £2.55 EPC.

Besides a new income stream, Wild have also raised their basket completion by offering a gift. This means they sell more deodorant than before GWP.

"Having rigorously tested the impact of GWP on conversion rate, we were ecstatic to confirm the hypothesis that offering ‘Free Gifts’ to our customers before checkout would increase our basket completion rate. Launching GWP with Tyviso has unlocked a brand new rev-gen channel for the business with huge potential to scale. We’ll now be looking to roll GWP out across all our markets. We have also seen a very positive response from our customers who appreciate the ‘Free Gift’, contributing to an enhanced customer experience when shopping with us."

Flora Jetha, Senior Partnerships Executive, Wild

"We have been extremely pleased with how the campaign has performed for us so far. Wild sends us thousands of highly qualified clicks through their GWP execution, which we’ve been able to convert to hundreds of new customers at a cost-effective CPA. We hope to continue working with them closely to drive even more new customers and revenue."

Pippa Bryant, Affiliate & Partnerships Manager, SimplyCook

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