Increase customer retention by 5% to boost profit by 25% to 95%

Host a reward portal and partner with a library of brands to unlock the ultimate triple threat:

  • Give your existing customers rewards to keep them loyal

  • Acquire customers by other portal hosts using you as a reward

  • Earn revenue via a revshare from any successful reward redemption

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Tyviso Rewards

Brands who think Rewards rocks:

How it works

Create an empty page on your website or app

Paste one line of code onto the empty page

Log into Tyviso Rewards and select your partners

Win the hearts of of your customers

Main Features

Reward your most loyal customers

You know your customers best. Select rewards for them from over 100 different partners.

Rotate them every month to want them to keep coming back for more.

Search for the perfect match

Take minutes, not hours to find the perfect matches for you. If only dating worked the same.

Use a variety of filters, performance ratings and tailored suggestions to get started.

Your reward page, the way you want it.

Keep your branding team happy by fully customising how your page looks. Select from a variety of templates, or work with Tyviso studio to get a custom finish to be proud of.

Available at all touchpoints

Offer rewards on desktop, mobile web and in your app. Tyviso Rewards is fully responsive to how your customers interact with you.

Publish any change in 10 seconds

Want to quickly swap out one reward for another one? No problem, simply log in, make and preview your changes then publish.

Use your assets to drive volume

Promote your rewards page on your CRM e-mails, website, social media and even ads to get maximum value.

Name drop who you are partnering with to your customers, everyone loves a collab.

Provide an offer for others to promote

Upload an offer for other brands to apply to offer to their customers. Only pay a commission for a successful sale.

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