Drive new customers to your brand using the power of other brands.

Tyviso helps join brands together using both our Recommends & Rewards platforms. By non-competing brands work together, we deliver industry-leading performance.

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Acquire New Customers (CPA)

How Tyviso delivers sales

Use recommendations to drive growth

It’s scientifically proven that recommendations are the best way of selling.

Have your brand shown to customers, whilst they have a credit in hand having just made a purchase from a trusted brand.

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Supply rewards to get customers on board

Provide a reward that other brands can promote to their customers on their rewards portal. Dangle your brand in front of shoppers when they are looking for a dopamine hit.

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The ‘Aldi Middle Aisle’ effect

Have you ever walked into Aldi for a loaf of bread, and then walked out with a lawnmower? We know we have.

By showing many brands to customers, we help them to complete their shopping list, without them proactively having to go out of their way to do so.

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Acquiring New Customers

Acquiring new customers efficiently is now more important than ever.

But, it has never been more difficult or expensive.

Facebook tracking doesn’t work like it used to, CPM’s have gone up 50% in the last 3 years and competition from other brands has never been more fierce.

Buying on Paid Search, Programmatic & Display can be effective. But ultimately is biddable, meaning there is always risk.

But what if there was a different way, on a guaranteed rate of return?

That’s where brand-to-brand marketing comes in. It provides:

A fixed return on investment (CPA)

By working on a fixed commission basis, there’s no guesswork. Instead, it delivers a stable income at a rate of return that you choose.

Free brand building

Social media platforms full of cat videos and text based ads not floating your brand-building boat? We suspect not. Brands are more trustworthy, and therefore so is their recommendation of you.

Zero risk

There is no setup, monthly fees or bidding. Simply a two-minute setup, followed by a whole lot of upside. What’s not to love?

Above-average order values (AOV)

In Q2 2022, Tyviso delivered an AOV from it’s traffic 6% higher than our customer’s average. Great for margins, great for business.

High conversion rates

In the same time period, we delivered a network conversion rate of almost 8%. One client even had a conversion rate of 23%, which can be found in our case studies

Brand to brand is here to stay.

So, what are you waiting for?

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